Rules of conduct for women on a dating site

On a dating site, there are much more opportunities than in real life to meet a man for a serious relationship. We are confident that our help, in how to present yourself correctly, to determine whether this type of man is suitable for you from a photograph and how to correspond, will help you avoid wasting time and frustration. Do not spray yourself, trying to please all the men on the site. Decide which man you need and act!

“Face Control”

Do not post photos that do not reflect you and the reality in which you live. Embellished photos, in a setting that does not correspond to real life, will lead to the fact that at a meeting the partner will be disappointed. And this is your lost time. The 40/60 ratio makes sense. Place 2-3 emotional and beautiful photos that emphasize your feminine nature. The remaining 4-5 photos should show you in real life. If you have children – 1 photo with a child. Why do you need a man who does not need your child? Yes, and hiding this important fact will complicate your communication.

Do not post photos on the background of other people’s cars, yachts, mansions and other attributes of luxury. Stay yourself! Men value sincerity, not your dreams of luxury. Avoid photos of poor quality; group photo from documents; children’s, and in youth; shallow plan, with views of the nature, etc .; photo with a glass or a cigarette, with food.

“Story Of My Life”

Describe in detail your character traits in the questionnaire, incl. negative. A woman who sensibly evaluates herself is credible. In a joking form, indicate: “I cook only on weekends” or “In the morning in a bad mood. Sex does not offer. ” Tell me about your “fad”. The more detailed you reveal your identity in the questionnaire, the more likely it is that the man who suits you will be attracted to you. Write what qualities you value first of all in a man. If you are looking for catholic singles then be sure to say so. But do not “go too far” in your requirements – you can frighten off.

Having told the truth about yourself, you will attract the attention of only those men for whom your “shortcomings” are not fundamental. As a result, you save time and energy for full communication with real candidates. Having embellished information about yourself, you will get tired of the abundance of emoticons, greetings and invitations. Everything mixes up in a heap, you won’t feel to whom to answer and as a result, having weakened, freak out and quit this business.

Take the initiative

Be the first to step towards a meeting – this is the right strategy of behavior. There are many women on the dating site. And not the fact that your man will be able to find you himself. Perhaps he does not have much time, or he is disappointed. Or perhaps the filters that he set when prompted exclude you from the search results. For example, he asked “under 35” in the search, and you are 36. That is, he does not “see” you on the site. By writing him the “correct letter”, you can attract his attention.

“What men want to hear”

Going to the page of the man you like, understand that you want to tell him about yourself. View his photo, pay attention to the details, feel what he wants to say? Give him feedback, noting what he wanted to convey from his photos. Feel what words he would like to hear from the woman he is looking for. Greeting on the Internet as a first impression of a person in the real world. Whatever your appearance, as a result, a man will be interested in your inner world and your human qualities. On dating sites you can also find christian singles if you are wondering how to do it.

If his questionnaire says that he wants to have children, write to him, for example: “You will surely be a wonderful father. I wish you to meet the woman you are looking for. ” A man will be pleased to hear from you about what he himself wanted to tell. Take the first step, letting him know that you are on the same wavelength.

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