Growth hormone course: weight gain, fat burning, recovery

It’s no secret that it is very difficult to become an effective bodybuilder without the use of steroid drugs. And how many people know about the role of growth hormone ( somatotropin ) in building muscles and drawing relief ? As it turns out, professional bodybuilding is not possible without growth hormone.

The courses of the drug are actively used by athletes preparing for important competitions. Growth hormone contributes to the inhibition of catabolism and helps to pinpoint the results after using steroids. As a result, muscles are strengthened and significantly increased in volume, the absence of subcutaneous fat and relief muscles.

In addition, growth hormone contributes to:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • quick recovery of the body after each grueling workout;
  • increasing strength and endurance;
  • strengthening bones;
  • quick healing of injuries and wound healing;
  • an increase in the elasticity of the skin;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Growth hormone is unique in that it can cause muscle hyperplasia. That is, even if a bolibilder does not train for a long time, his muscles will not quickly ” grow thin “. Their volume will decrease rather slowly.

This effect is achieved through muscle memory, which is affected by growth hormone, leading to the fact that the growth of some cells is transferred to others. The latter, having remembered the positive dynamics, grow for some time without any impact on them.

Anabolic action

In order , to increase the amount of muscle, you can:
use only growth hormone;
use GH in conjunction with steroid drugs.

Many professional bodybuilders claim that the first method does not have a particularly noticeable effect. Moreover, it is also too expensive in terms of finance. The use of artificial anabolic steroids alone gives only short-term results.

If the course of GH is diluted with steroids, then this leads to the manifestation of side effects. Having tried many combinations, professional athletes have realized that the ideal solution is to combine growth hormone with anabolic steroids. 

GH is not intended to increase natural testosterone production. Its main goal is a significant increase in muscle cells. Achieving the maximum anabolic effect from taking GH is possible only in combination with steroids.

Fast recovery from strenuous workouts

As you know, glucose is the main source of energy in the body. The use of growth hormone leads to an increase in its level in the blood. If there is not enough glucose, then the cells experience an energy hunger. And this is the cause of constant fatigue. More information here:

Intensive workouts lead to lower blood glucose levels. As a result, the body does not have time to “come to its senses” and the athlete cannot train at full strength. The use of GH promotes rapid muscle recovery. This effect is achieved by increasing the level of beneficial blood sugars. Bodybuilders taking the GR course can even do almost every day and at the same time fully recover for each next strength training session.

Fighting excess fat

If growth hormone is used to increase the volume of muscle cells, then it should be combined with drugs from the steroid group. If to reduce the volume of fat – with drugs, burning it too. For a bodybuilder who is not prone to obesity, it will be enough only to train intensively and apply growth hormone.

For the rest of the athletes who are inclined to be overweight, it will be necessary to include in the reception, in addition to growth hormone , also means that eliminate excess fat. The most popular are Clenbuterol and Ephedrine. In this case, strength training should be diluted with aerobics classes.

Restoring the body’s immune system

It is worth highlighting the fact that GH helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and the membranes of internal organs, which include the heart. Also, the drug is an excellent healing and anti-inflammatory agent. Thanks to it, the number of wrinkles is reduced, and the skin itself becomes more elastic.

In addition to all this, somatotropin has a tonic effect. The body becomes more resistant to the negative effects of an aggressive external environment. Strengthened immunity does not allow a person to get sick often, and if the disease nevertheless affects the body, then recovery occurs as quickly as possible.

Insulin production

Growth hormone suppresses insulin levels and increases blood glucose levels. Glucose is broken down by insulin, leading to its active production. In this manner GR suppressing insulin promotes the synthesis of the latter. For a bodybuilder, this means that he can significantly improve training results by combining the intake of Growth hormone with insulin preparations.

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