How to Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss never ceases to concern modern man. Thanks to attention to our health, diet and lifestyle, as well as the work of professional nutritionists and trainers, we have come to understand that maintaining our optimal shape requires a correct, systematic approach. By maintaining a small calorie deficit and exercising regularly to suit your body’s condition, you can easily lose weight and not regain it. What to do if you need to lose weight “for the event” and quickly – for example, you have been invited to an evening party in a week and need to urgently get rid of excess weight to look good in your outfit?

Before you start losing weight in a week, it is worth remembering the main conditions:

  • Start losing weight if you are healthy, you do not have an exacerbation of chronic diseases, you have no problems at work – additional stress will reduce the effectiveness of the diet;
  • Go in and out of strict food restrictions to be smoothly, changing the caloric content of the menu for a few days;
  • In case of a sharp deterioration of health you need to stop the diet;
  • After you have managed to lose weight, you need to keep the weight, reviewing your eating habits and switching to the correct and healthy dishes.

Eating the right foods

How can you lose weight in a week and still be healthy and in a good mood? The answer lies in choosing the right foods and paying attention to your well-being. With a menu rich in nutrients, but with optimal caloric content of foods, you will lose weight easier than with a strict diet, your mood will be good and feelings of hunger will not bother you. If you prefer food restrictions, add vitamin and mineral complexes to your menu.

To lose weight effectively and quickly, you should eat more fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index – raw, stewed, baked. Be sure to leave at least 40% protein on the menu to lose fat and extra water, not muscle mass. For fast weight loss, turkey, lean fish, skinless chicken, rabbit, eggs, seafood, and plant-based protein are good.

Instead of simple carbohydrates (sugar, white flour products), eat complex ones. These include whole-grain bread, unprocessed cereals, and durum wheat pasta. It is better to leave carbohydrates for the first half of the day, but you should not refuse them, as well as fats, for the body to function properly. For fast weight loss exclude from the menu:

  • Fast food: how to lose weight if you do not stop eating fast food?
  • Sweets, which have a huge amount of fat and sugar, as well as sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup.
  • Sweet fizzy drinks – it is advisable to limit the packaged juices, they are full of calories.
  • Alcohol – it is caloric and retains water in the body.

When losing weight it is necessary to drink a lot of water – at least 1.5 liters per day. This will reduce the feeling of hunger during the diet, help to avoid dehydration, which is accompanied by a headache, weakness, irritability. You should not completely exclude fats from your diet – they are necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, immune system, and internal organs. Reduce their amount to 20% or less of the total calories of the menu and give preference to vegetable sources – olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc.

Following a regimen

In order to properly form a diet, stick to the fractional principle – eat at least five times a day, but in small portions, not more than 200 grams at a time. This way, you will not feel hungry, even if the total amount of your meals will be smaller. In a week you can lose more than 3 kg, even without restricting yourself to your favorite foods. At the same time, you will not have to constantly control yourself so as not to eat unhealthy and not to spoil the diet.

Try to reduce the number of temptations – trips to cafes, abundant family meals – for the period of weight loss. If the week of the diet is a holiday where you ate too much, reduce the amount of food on the day after the event. You will quickly compensate for the deviation in the caloric content of the menu.


To shed weight quickly, add exercise. You need to be careful with strength exercises when losing weight on a large calorie deficit. Home exercise, cardio, dancing, morning jogging, etc. are optimal. It will be easy for you and the weight will go faster. You need to leave at least half an hour for exercise every day, and work out intensely. To exercise properly, devote most of your time to the problem areas – belly, hips and upper legs.


To lose weight urgently in a week, you will not be able to avoid food restrictions in any case. There are several options available and effective diets with which you will quickly achieve results. However, pregnant women and people with health problems should not lose weight on menus with severe restrictions. You can explore the most common modern diets at This will help you to take your weight loss professionally and lose more excess weight and not think about the best age to lose weight.

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