Is it true that cycling affects potency?

The effect of cycling on potency has been the subject of lively debate since 1998, when the press first published the results of a study on the subject. Since then, opinions of people directly or indirectly associated with cycling have been divided: some claim that cycling is the best potency stimulator, others believe that cycling is the source of many problems, while others claim that potency has remained the same after purchasing a bicycle. We will try to consider the most traditional misconceptions in this regard and give them an explanation.

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The bicycle and potency: myths and reality

To clarify the situation, let us turn to studies and confirmed facts.

  • The first version: a long stay in the saddle leads to compression of the pelvic artery, which leads to poor blood flow, hence the problems in the sexual sphere of cyclists. In fact: regardless of the size of the pelvis, the bicycle saddle sits strictly with the pelvic bones supporting the perineal area above its surface. Prostate overpressure and blockage of blood vessels can only occur with a soft saddle, when the bones sink into it. Therefore, the saddle – whether sport or touring saddle – should be rigid.
  • The second version: sitting in the saddle for a long time when riding long distances harms sexual function. In fact: you can’t call riding a bicycle a regular seat. Body weight is distributed on the bike so that the pelvis is no more than 60-70%, which is much less harmful than sitting in front of a computer for many hours. When riding a bicycle, a person makes many movements (standing up, carrying weight, pedaling), almost never in the same posture. In addition, he is constantly pedaling, which gives a tangible load. As a result, blood is pumped in an increased mode, supplying oxygen first to the legs and then to the pelvis. Thus, we can safely say: if the bicycle affects the potency, then only positively!

Of course, you should take certain precautions. For example, dress for the weather, to avoid bladder inflammation or lower back pain in the cold wind, as well as crotch overheating in the heat. You should be careful with the position of the saddle to avoid any discomfort in the crotch. Otherwise, ride at your health. 

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