The Best Bathing Suits for Your Body After Baby

Many women who are having a baby think, postpartum body + swimsuit = never gonna happen. Oh, how wrong they are. After you have a baby, it can be tough to feel comfortable or confident in a swimsuit.

For many women, it takes a while for your body to bounce back, and having to step out in public in a skimpy bikini would strike fear into the heart of any woman who haven’t undergone the life altering changes that is having a baby. While working on your beach body you should buy a new swimsuit that flatters your figure. As a new mom skimpy bathing suits probably won’t be your best choice. But just because you’re looking to cover up a little more, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy (and show off) in some of the latest swimwear trends.

We’re breaking down the best swimsuits for new moms that will make them feel confident and sexy this summer. All swimwear brands are not created equal, and this is especially true for new moms. Some brands cater to young women and teenagers, looking to show as much skin as possible.

The new line of swimwear by Becca works for young women and new moms with stylish pieces that range from skimpy to full-coverage. There are many other great swimsuit brands that focus on older new moms. Many ladies gain weight when they are pregnant. This is nothing new. Getting rid of the fat is tough but not impossible. It does take patience. But who wants to be patient when there’s sun to soak up. You want to be able to look your best in a bathing suit right now! That’s where buying the right bathing suit will come in handy. Depending on your body type there are different styles to look for in your new swimwear.

Now we’re not saying that new moms should or shouldn’t wear bikinis (check out our flowchart titled Should I Wear a Bikini to help you decide). But for most new moms they are not the best bathing suits after having a baby. Instead you want to focus your attention on two piece tankinis, swimdresses and one piece swimsuits. If you pick a good one for yourself you won’t be afraid to wear a bathing suit after pregnancy. You’ll want to shop tankinis, swimdresses and one piece bathing suits for a few reasons.

Covering up your stretch marks and scars that come with giving birth
Hiding pregnancy weight gain at the beach or pool
They’re more modest swimwear that reflects your new phase of life

I got a belly pooch from my pregnancy

If you were one of the pregnant women who only gained weight in your stomach area, check out the Anne Cole Control swimwear line. It’s a collection of tankinis and full-piece suits that are specially constructed to smooth your midsection making your womanly curves look like you haven’t even had a baby. Also look for swimsuits with ruching in the midsection, as the ruching style distracts from your belly. We’d say that tankinis are the best choice of swimwear for new moms who want to hide their bellies. They cover like a one piece but the two piece tankini has the advantage of not being as form fitting and hugging the curves you don’t really want hugged. Shop for more flowy tankinis to hide your tummy. There’s some debate by swimwear experts on whether a loose fitting tankini is good or bad for your tummy. (Here’s a great post on ModgBlog.com on loose fitting tankinis.) It really comes down to the individual.

With SwimsuitsDirect.com you can try both and just send back the one that doesn’t work, which is one of the reasons we’re the best place to shop for women’s swimwear online. Even after you shed the baby weight, a tankini is a stylish and youthful way to make a statement on the beach and show off your body (and your new baby!) Tankinis are a great choice in general for moms because it’s much easier to go to the bathroom when you have screaming kids running around.

I Put On Weight In My Thighs

If you’re more concerned about your legs and thighs than you are about your stomach, check out an adorable swimdress. Swimdresses are great for covering big thighs and butts that regularly come with having a baby. Pick one that is short enough to flatter thighs and that is styled like a chic vintage dress. Wearing higher cut bottoms will also make your legs look longer and leaner.

I Gained Weight All Over From Pregnancy, No Swimsuit Will Look Good On Me!

At Swimsuits Direct we believe that everyone can look amazing in a swimsuit. You just gotta find the right one. But If you felt like you put on pregnancy pounds all over your body, and not just in your stomach or thighs, you might be feeling like you aren’t quite ready to wear a swimsuit in public. And that’s just fine. Consider buying a pretty cover up if you want to make a youthful statement without showing a ton of skin. Even after you’re ready to show off your suit on the beach, a fashionable cover up is a great investment.

Here are some other tips to look great in your swimsuit after having a baby.

Focus on swimsuits that slim more than the design. Look for swimwear with these features.

  • Swimsuits with tummy control
  • Ruching or crumpling around the midsection
  • Chevron patterns
  • Bathing suits with side panels
  • Bathing suits that draw the eye away from troubled areas
    Your boobs will never look bigger. So go bold and show your improved cleavage. It’s a great way to distract from more troubled areas (and yes they will distract)
    In line with the engorged breasts, make sure to get a bathing suit with great breast support as you’ll have more than you did before to support.
    Black is slimming. But don’t be afraid to try more colorful swimsuits
    Don’t Forget About Breastfeeding

If you’re breastfeeding, be sure to factor that into your swimwear decision. Find a women’s swimsuit that’s comfortable for discreet nursing. For women who’s bust hasn’t grown too much bandeu bathing suit are great for breastfeeding moms because they make it much easier to pull out your breast when it’s time to feed the baby. But be careful as they can make bigger breasts looked squished. Asymmetric bathing suits are also a good choice. Over the shoulder straps are going to be easier to slide on and off then having to untie and tie your bathing suit top.

Check out even more great bathing suits for your body after a baby. You might find it necessary to ditch your post-baby suit in a few months when your body returns to normal.

Even if you only wear it for a few months, investing in a suit that fits your body like a glove and makes you feel confident and beautiful is hugely important for battling those post-partum blues. Buying yourself a new bathing suit for after your body gets back in shape is also a great way to motivate yourself to be more fit and active and shed the extra pounds from having a baby.

No matter how women look post-pregnancy, it’s totally possible to find swimsuits for any figure. If you start beating yourself up for your new body, just one look at your bouncing bundle of joy should be enough to remind you that the sacrifice was totally worth it. Finding a gorgeous suit that makes you look like super-mom is just the cherry on top. You’re sure to have the perfect, sleepless summer either way.

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