Slot Machines – Rules, Tips and Guide

The rules of the game of slot machines have evolved since the creation of this exciting game of chance. Initially, they simply boiled down to the need to collect the strongest combination possible, like in poker, since cards were used as symbols. But gradually the developers found more and more ways to interest the players. So, bright symbols, bonus modes and the ability to adjust bets began to appear in physical machines. With the transition to online, development has accelerated even more and interactive rounds and images with special features began to appear in the slots.

Below we describe the basic rules for slot machines of various types. You will be able to learn how to maximize the received winnings, what can be changed before the start of the spin, and what pictures are guaranteed to make a big hit.

Rules for Playing Traditional Slots Online

The rules of the old-type slot machines come down to the fact that the user simply bets and collects winning combinations. Quite often in the classic gambling entertainment even missing bonus symbols. But on the other hand, it is in them that one can find pictures that perform the function of the jackpot or its similarity. With their help, you can collect particularly strong combinations, getting a huge amount of coins.

The basic rule that can be distinguished in classic slots is the need to make a bet. More player can not affect anything. Although in some old devices there has already been a doubling game. It took place in different formats and verified the user’s intuition. If luck did not let the player down, then the resulting coins doubled, tripled or increased any other number of times. But any mistake led to the loss of money collected for the rotation. And don’t forget that you have to play only in reliable casinos, like Pin Up casino.

Video Slots Rules

The rules of the game of slot machines changed with the development of these devices. So with new technologies appeared:

  • bonus pictures. They can not only bring a win, but also be taken into account, regardless of their position, expand or replace other symbols, run bonus rounds in a different format;
  • interactive rounds. The user could not only check his intuition in the risk game, but also play on the additional screen. Sometimes it all comes down simply to choosing hidden prizes, more often in the most modern slots, this is where free spins, jackpots and real treasure hunt adventures can be hidden;
  • free spins with various bonuses. The rules of the game in the slots of the modern type include free spins with an increase in prize money, special pictures, a large number of wild symbols and other additional conditions;
  • tasks and lingering bonuses. So some machines offer to grow crops or collect gold, like in Robin Hood, and thus launch an additional round or just get a bunch of coins. In the part of modern slots, so-called quests and levels appeared that accumulate and give a passive bonus or the ability to switch between playing fields with different sets of pictures.

In addition to a much larger number of bonuses, automatic machines remained essentially the same.

Buttons to Control the Gaming Device

Since it’s quite simple to start playing slots, we’ll tell you about the main control buttons:

  • rate adjustment. Using these keys you can choose the number of coins spent per spin;
  • lines. In the old slots there were separate buttons on which the number of lines was written, current developments are being offered by floating-out controls;
  • risk game. Often its function is performed by the Bet Max key or its equivalent after any successful rotation;
  • start. Starts the spin and allows you to pick up the winnings, instead of starting the risk game.

The rules of the game in modern slots offer many options, so the developers take out some of the functions and settings in the submenu, or make the interface vary depending on what is currently happening on the screen.

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