When it comes to bikinis, thongs swimwear is easily one of the most popular styles seen on beaches around the globe.  Thongs have taken over as the go-to style for the most daring women out there.  In recent years, designers have come up with several new variations of the style that just keeps getting better and better.  If you have not taken a look at thong bikinis in a while, it is definitely worth the time to check out the new styles.

Now there are not only t-backs and g-strings for classic thongs swimwear style, but also fun cuts such as a whaletail.  The whaletail thong is aptly named as it has a low-rise front, thin sides and a band of fabric across the top shaped like a whale’s tail.  The band of fabric narrows into a thong about a third of the way down the backside.  If you have considered a thong for a while but you weren’t sure about sacrificing all coverage in the back, this style is a great place to start.  The small amount of fabric in the back should be just enough to give you the boost you need to step out on the beach with confidence.

These newer styles of thongs swimwear are not meant to take away from the classic thong styles.  Those super revealing, sexy bikini bottoms are still every bit as popular as they’ve always been with their ultra low-rise fronts, skinny sides and, of course, skinny thong backside.  The two most popular classic styles are the g-string and t-back thongs.  A g-string has a very small patch, usually in the shape of a triangle, at the top while the t-back is little more than a single string running down the center of the back.  And if that’s not revealing enough for you, there are micro versions of these tiny bottoms that leave very little to the imagination!  Thongs swimwear has evolved in many ways, and you owe it to yourself to give it another look.

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