T-back swimwear is one of the most commonly seen types within the thong family.  What sets a t-back apart from other thongs is its simple design.  The low-rise front is connected to string or strap sides which then join the back in a “T” formation which is where the name originates.

The width of the strings or straps will vary by designer, but the overall cut of a t-back thong usually remains the same.  While the two sometimes get confused, this style differs from a g-string which is generally the same cut except a small triangle piece of fabric joins the backside strings at the top.  This tiny bit does not take away from the revealing nature of a thong but those who want to go as revealing as possible will most likely prefer the simple t-back style.

A lot of women are scared off by thongs because they imagine that they won’t be very flattering but just the opposite is true.  A good fitting thong can be very flattering to the feminine form, and t-back swimwear is no exception.  The front is cut low which helps it to elongate the torso, and thin strings help to keep the streamlined appearance going around to the back.  Depending on your body type, thicker cut bikini bottoms can look as if they are chopping you in half while a smaller cut will help to lengthen your body.

It goes without saying that it takes an incredible physique to be able to look good in t-back swimwear, but it also takes a commitment to impeccable grooming, too.  There are absolutely no secrets in a t-back thong, so a full Brazilian wax is highly recommended before your first trip out in one.  The discomfort is both minor and temporary, and the result will have you looking your sexiest ever in your new thong!

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