Scrunch Bikinis

Scrunch bikinis are a great example of how a small detail can add a ton of style to a swimsuit.  Scrunch bikinis usually have puckered stitching down the backside of the bikini bottom, and they sometimes have puckered stitching on the top, too.  The puckered stitching on the bottom is most often applied to the center of the backside, but it is also common to see bottoms such as boy shorts apply puckered stitching to the sides, as well.  On scrunch bikini tops, the effect is generally applied to the gathered center, or the top will have puckered stitching along the sides to create a more flattering bustline.

The great thing about scrunch bikinis is how easily they work with a body’s own curves to further enhance these features.  For example, the purple bikini seen here is a full cut bottom with puckered stitching down the back center of the bottom and along the sides of the top.  It is easy to see how the puckered stitching down the center of the backside adds definition to the cheeks that most other straight cut bikini bottoms do not.  This small detail also gives the appearance of lift to the butt, as well.  The puckered stitching on the sides of the top allow the fabric room to give for women with larger chests, while it also adds the appearance of volume to the chest for women who may be smaller up top.

Scrunch bikinis come in a range of styles that allow a little something for everyone.  This example is a full cut bikini, but there are even scrunch thong bikinis out there for those who prefer a little less coverage.  A scrunch thong has a slightly wider cut at the top where the puckered stitching is applied but then quickly narrows to a more traditional looking thong backside.  It is a great compromise between a g-string and a Brazilian bottom for those who are fans of both styles.  Scrunch bikinis are all the rage right now, so be on the look out for even more puckered styles to emerge!

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