Brazilian cut swimwear continues to evolve into a style even more sexy and feminine.  The original cut of a Brazilian has remained unchanged over the years, and it still remains a popular style in and of itself, but the category has expanded to include some hot variations, as well.  If you are a Brazilian fan but you haven’t checked out some of the latest and greatest bikinis out there, you owe it to yourself to take another look.

In today’s fashion world, Brazilian cut swimwear now includes sexy cuts such as the one seen here.  This puckered bikini bottom has the classic Brazilian lines in the back, but with the addition of a single puckered stitch down the center.  As you can see, this one tiny detail makes a huge difference in the appearance of your backside.  While a classic Brazilian bottom is either one smooth piece of fabric, or a piece of fabric with one straight stitch down the middle.  The style is flirtatious on its own but the puckered stitching takes the bikini bottom to a new level.  Now the back fabric adds definition by following the natural contour of your butt which creates an even more attractive look.

As Brazilian cut swimwear continues to expand to include styles such as this one and others such as the Brazilian cut thong, your favorite bikini is likely to also change.  Be sure to keep up with the changes in order to stay up on the most current “it” swimwear style.  Doing so will ensure that you stay one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to having the hottest style on the beach!  Women will be left to wonder where you get your sense of style and adventure when you step out in the latest Brazilian bikini

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