Mix and Match: Double Your Two Piece Swimsuits

Shopping for swimming suits used to mean that you were stuck with the ideal bikini bottom and an ill-fitting top that made your cleavage look weird all season (the Elan cover-up was your best friend). Thankfully, swimwear designers took notice of this a few years ago and started including more separates in their collections.

How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

Accessorizing your swimsuit is about more than just throwing on a pair of flip-flops and SPF on your nose-it’s about injecting some real STYLE into your look. Whether you’re headed to the beach or will be lounging around the pool having cocktails with your friends, adding some stylish accessories to your look is like putting …

5 Popular Swimwear Colors

Swimwear trends are constantly changing and evolving. Influenced not only by last year’s trends but by other popular seasonal prints and colors, swimwear shapes and colors are as varied as the seasons themselves.  For 2019, color is going to be a major trend, and no, we don’t just mean black! The following are the five …

Best Swimsuits For Expected Weight Loss

For those who are working on being healthier and losing weight, buying a swimsuit may seem like a difficult task. On one hand you don’t want to choose something that you will grow out of quickly, but you also don’t want to have to keep buying new swimsuits every few months. Ideally, swimsuit separates are the best …

Swimsuits Styles for Best Tan Lines

Don’t let a wide strapped swimsuit keep you from a great tan![/caption] It’s no secret that tan lines can be ugly, silly looking and distracting. However with the many swimsuit styles in 2019 , there are some styles that help to minimize the chance of tan lines.