Best Swimsuits For Expected Weight Loss

For those who are working on being healthier and losing weight, buying a swimsuit may seem like a difficult task. On one hand you don’t want to choose something that you will grow out of quickly, but you also don’t want to have to keep buying new swimsuits every few months. Ideally, swimsuit separates are the best option for those on a weight loss journey and who are losing a lot of weight especially around their middle. 

Swimsuit Tops Always choose a swimsuit top based on your body type, no matter your size. For someone busty, opt for a top that gives you more coverage such as a Bella Rose Bustier by Seafolly top. It has underwire with soft cups to keep things secure while enjoying fun in the sun. There is also gripper tape across the back for added coverage.

It covers part of the middle without being too revealing. For someone wanting to hide their middle more, opt for a tankini top such as the Cami Kimi from It Figures. Or choose from a spaghetti strap variation, a halter or even a tube top for less tan lines. This allows you to hide their middle during their weight loss yet still look sophisticated and comfortable in the sun.

These tops are easy to adjust if you lose weight and want to keep everything in place properly. Thanks to a large range of colors and prints to choose from, there’s something for every woman of any size from their brand. 

Swimsuit Bottoms 

Depending on the weight one is losing, a new swimsuits bottom may be needed. Opt for something that will last for a season. A high-waisted swim bottom conceals extra weight while still looking feminine, chic and trendy. Opt for a coordinating color that matches your swimsuit tops well. Another option for someone on a weight loss journey is a skirted bottom.

This is especially great for someone still self-conscious about their body that still wants to wear a tankini or bathing suit in general. It offers the best coverage in swimsuit bottoms available. It covers the middle, hips and part of the thighs to look much like a mini skirt, but still functions well during swimming and outdoor activities.

Try one from Cole of California as their selection includes options that will suit every woman’s personal style and body type.

Other Swimsuits Options 

If swimsuit separates aren’t your forte, a swim dress is another great option for someone who is expecting to lose a good deal of weight. It keeps one’s body concealed during their weight loss and toning up.

They come in a variety of colors and prints and offer the most coverage and protection from the sun. Anne Cole Control offers many styles including a bandeau or halter top variation that looks retro and fun. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t want many tan lines, refrain from a swim dress! When looking for swimsuits for this season, remember to choose a suit that you feel your best in despite the style you choose!

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