A Brazilian bottom is the perfect way to flaunt what you have while doing it in style.  The Brazilian is one style that has been popular for decades which is a strong testament to just how appealing this cut must be to women.  Its popularity spans the globe with women in (of course) Latin America, the U.S. and Europe all still coming back to it year after year.  Most women who try Brazilian bottoms rarely go back so once you’ve tried on this semi-revealing cut, it is doubtful you will ever want to wear anything but a Brazilian from then on.

What is so great about a Brazilian bottom, right?  There are a few features of this sexy style that work in ways most never consider.  For example, if you need a bikini bottom that will help add length to the torso, then this style will do just that.  The low-rise waist and narrow, string sides work together to give the appearance of an elongated torso.  Pair up this bottom with a smaller cut top further enhances the look.  Those features are great, but the backside is where the Brazilian bottom has earned its claim to fame.  The backside starts right at the waistline and is shaped like a narrow triangle with the widest part at the top and quickly narrowing into the center.  Not only does this cut offer a teasing peek at your sexy cheeks, but the shape of the fabric also creates a very flattering effect on your rear.

A Brazilian bottom can be worn with any top which makes it a style easily adapted to your own.  Whether you are a fan of triangle tops, sweetheart tops or bandeau tops, they will each pair up nicely with a Brazilian to create a unique look all your own.

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